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If you’re looking to enhance your career prospects and join the league of top professionals in the industry, obtaining a Workday certification can be a game-changer. Workday certification not only validates your expertise in the platform but also opens doors to lucrative job opportunities and higher earning potential.

But how can you get a Workday certification? 

Keep reading.

Understanding Workday Certification

Workday certification is a professional designation that validates an individual’s expertise in using Workday ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. Workday is a web-based platform known for its specialized focus on human capital management (HCM) and financial management applications.

Obtaining a Workday certification holds significant importance in today’s competitive job market. It demonstrates your proficiency in utilizing Workday’s functionalities and showcases your commitment to staying updated with the latest industry standards. Workday certification sets you apart from other professionals, giving you a competitive edge when pursuing job opportunities in the field of HCM and financial management.

Steps to Obtain Workday Certification

To obtain your HCM certification, you can proceed through a series of steps, typically involving:

  1. Join a Workday Partner Company

To get a Workday certification, one of the initial requirements is to be employed by a Workday Partner company or directly by Workday itself. This affiliation is essential as it grants you access to the necessary resources, training programs, and certification opportunities Workday offers. 

To explore job opportunities within the Workday ecosystem, you can visit the official Workday website, which provides information about open positions and opportunities to join partner companies.

  1. Gain Experience in the Field

While prior experience in the field of human capital management or financial management can be advantageous, it is not always a prerequisite for pursuing a Workday certification. 

Workday recognizes the value of individuals starting the certification program soon after employment to build their expertise from the ground up. 

You must communicate with your managers or supervisors about your interest in obtaining the certification and discuss their preferences regarding when to begin the training program.

  1. Complete the HCM Core Training Program

The HCM core training program is vital to the Workday certification process. This program provides comprehensive training on the core functionalities of Workday’s human capital management module. 

The program typically covers various topics, including compensation and benefits, workforce planning and analytics, time tracking, recruiting, data usage monitoring, and talent management.

The duration of the HCM core training program can vary, but it generally takes around a month or less to complete. Workday offers different training formats for diverse learning preferences, including live and self-paced training options. The core training program equips you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to effectively utilize Workday’s HCM functionalities.

  1. Take the Certification Test

Once you have completed the HCM core training program, you become eligible to take the final certification test. This test consists of multiple-choice questions that assess your understanding of the content covered during the training program. It evaluates your knowledge of Workday’s HCM module, its features, and best practices.

If you do not pass the certification test on your first attempt, Workday often provides retesting opportunities. These opportunities allow candidates to review their knowledge gaps, further prepare, and retake the test to achieve the certification. Workday values the continuous improvement of its professionals and encourages them to strive for success in obtaining the certification.

Benefits of Workday Certification

Acquiring a Workday certification brings forth many benefits that can significantly impact your career growth and earning potential. 

Let’s explore the key advantages of holding a Workday certification:

  1. Expanded Job Opportunities: Top multinational companies extensively use Workday across various industries. By obtaining a Workday certification, you gain a competitive advantage and increase your chances of securing job opportunities within these esteemed organizations. Workday-certified professionals are highly sought after due to their specialized knowledge and expertise in leveraging the platform’s capabilities.
  1. Enhanced Career Prospects: Workday certification is a testament to your proficiency in human capital management and financial management applications. It showcases your dedication to continuous learning and professional development. With this certification, you stand out among other candidates and increase your chances of career advancement, promotions, and higher-level responsibilities within your organization.
  1. Industry Recognition: Workday certification is widely recognized and respected within the industry. It validates your skills and knowledge in utilizing Workday’s advanced features and functionalities. This recognition not only boosts your professional reputation but also instills confidence in potential employers, clients, and colleagues regarding your abilities to drive successful Workday implementations and contribute to organizational success.
  1. Higher Earning Potential: Workday-certified professionals are in high demand, and their specialized expertise often commands competitive salaries. Holding a Workday certification can open doors to lucrative job opportunities with attractive compensation packages. Employers value certified professionals who can effectively streamline HR processes, optimize financial operations, and leverage Workday’s functionalities to drive organizational success.
  1. Continuous Professional Development: Workday certifications require regular updates to stay current with the platform’s evolving features and enhancements. By pursuing ongoing professional development and staying up-to-date with Workday’s latest releases, you can further expand your knowledge and skills, ensuring your relevance and value in the marketplace.
  1. Networking Opportunities: Workday certification offers access to a vibrant community of certified professionals, including forums, user groups, and networking events. Engaging with this community allows you to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and establish valuable connections within the Workday network. This networking can lead to new career opportunities, collaborations, and mentorship relationships.

Who Should Opt for A Workday Certification?

Workday HRMS (Human Resource Management System) is widely utilized by top multinational companies, making Workday certification highly valuable for professionals seeking career growth in the field of human capital management and financial management. While there are no strict prerequisites for learning Workday, several job roles can greatly benefit from obtaining a Workday certification. 

Here are some of the professionals who should consider opting for a Workday certification:

  • Human Resource Executives and Generalists
  • IT Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Security Personnel
  • System Administrators


Obtaining a Workday certification involves a structured process that includes joining a Workday Partner company, gaining experience in the field, completing the HCM core training program, and successfully passing the certification test. 

By following these steps, individuals can showcase their expertise in utilizing Workday’s HCM and financial management applications, opening doors to enhanced career prospects, expanded job opportunities, and higher earning potential. 

Workday certification is a valuable asset in today’s competitive job market, validating professionals’ skills and setting them apart as trusted experts in the industry. With dedication and commitment to continuous learning, anyone can embark on the path to becoming a certified Workday professional and unlock new possibilities for professional growth and success.

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